Woden Skatepark

Review coming soon, in the meantime here are our photos.

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Sammy says

Woden Skatepark is not far from Canberra city and is defiantly one of the best skateparks in Canberra (along with Belco). Me and my mates had an absolute blast here it has everything from a sick little street course to a gnarly bowl. The park is designed beautifully and starts with a never-ending flow section that leads to three different bowls and has a mini tile pool thats’s really sketchy. The main bowl is just amazing but can get swamped with scooters kids but is still so much fun. This park also has one of the sickest launch outs Ive ever skated, you drop in on the huge bank in the flow section and launch out of the shallow end of the main bowl. You need to check this park out, you can have some much fun here and cannot wait to go back!

We were lucky enough to skate Woden with superstar local Ethank Copeland who showed us all the best lines, check him shredding for Fisherman Skateboards.

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