Windale Skatepark

Windale is actually almost, kind of two skateparks… both are the typical suburban pre-fab.

Skatepark No 1 is the older one that is essentially un-skatable due to the pebbled tar surface that the quarters/banks have been plonked on. Its probably usable for a BMX, but only just. The park features one very basic quarter, two very basic banks and a ‘fun’ box. They all stand at around 3.5ft high.

Skatepark No. 2 is officially known as the Windale PCYC Skatepark, but it’s literally 50 metres from the other Windale skatepark. The PCYC setup is much newer and features a basic 1-way course with a slow bank that has a couple of deeply set-in rails and grind bars. And at the bottom end the usual pre-fab 3.5ft quarter pipes.Very limited.

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The is supposed to be a tough neighborhood but the locals were fine the day we visited, lots of young teens on scooters mostly. Plenty of free parking but its in the middle of nowhere so not really anything else close by.

Sammy says

Pretty boring park for me but I’m sure better skaters could have some fun if they could be bothered. I reckon kids my age should scoot here because there isn’t really anything much to do when you skate.

We skated this on:

Australia, Lake Macquarie, New South Wales, Newcastle, Skateparks

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