Umina Skatepark

Review coming soon, in the meantime here are our photos.

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Sammy says

Although this park is small and a bit rough you can still have heaps of fun and try heaps of new tricks! unfortunately i didn’t get a massive skate here but from the time i got i could tell it was pretty sick. the best section would probably be the mini spine (because i love mini ramps) and it was great for rock and rolls and attempting your first spine transfer. This park also includes a fun little fun box and some roll-ins and quarters but the best bit is definitely the spine. This park is great for skaters but there is going to be a lot of bmx’s and scooter kids so if you ride a scooter or bmx i would bring it. So overall Umina skatepark is a sick litte park and all kids will have a great time.

We skated this on:

Australia, Central Coast, New South Wales, Skateparks

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