Tuggeranong Skatepark

When it opened in the late 90’s Tuggeranong Skatepark was one of the best in Australia, an epic collection of vert and street beautifully positioned on the edge Lake Tuggeranong. That was a long time ago and although its still a lot of fun to skate, its time for an upgrade. The surface is showing its age, the coping is well beat up and its all just a bit sad looking.

The eclectic setup starts with a couple of unique half-pipe relics that have a cement base but a metal surface. The large one is around 12ft and the smaller around 8ft and while they are fast and furious the surface is full of kinks and dents and edges that stick out. There’s also a decent amount of rust and gunk – just like the bark rings of of tree Im sure it has captured a rich history, its just not the best surface to skate on. The street section is a series of 5-6ft quarters (including a spine) scattered around the perimeter as well as a small central funbox. There’s also a fun 3ft mini hiding up the back and a weird snake run thing that ends with a mini half-bowl… eclectic right? If you’re in Canberra its worth checking out, but there’s a lot more on offer at Belco and Woden

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Located with in the grounds of the luscious Tuggeranong Town Park there’s plenty of amenities around including BBQ’s, a Leisure Centre, playground and plenty of free parking. You could probably even go fishing if you were really keen. A 10 minute walk south east takes you to ‘downtown’ Tuggeranong where you can find a decent feed and also Trilogy Skateshop for all your skateboarding hardware needs.

Sammy says

Tuggeranong Skatepark in Canberra is an old, and slightly odd skatepark, but still lots of fun. There are two vert ramps here, one about 8 ft and the other about 11 ft, the ramps are metal but are really solid because they have a concrete layer underneath the metal. I went there with a couple of friends, and when we got there we thought the surface was a bit rough and the park might be boring, but after exploring it for a couple of minutes we ended up having a great time! We spent a lot of our time on the vert ramps. This park also includes a mini ramp, which is really beaten up, but you can still have a bit of fun on it. It also has a street course, but this is more made for BMX’s as it too steep for skaters.

We also stopped at Trilogy Skateshop on the way, which is about a 2 minute drive from the skatepark in the mall. Super friendly staff at the shop!

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