Swansea Skatepark

Swansea Skatepark has to be seen to be believed, its a seriously epic skatepark and one of the best we’ve had the pleasure of skating so far. Part of its beauty is that was designed and built by Convic who continue to create stunning and thoughtful skateparks all over the country.

In detail, Swansea Skatepark was only finished in early 2011 and features a long list of banks, quarters and transitions ranging from 3ft – 5ft that create the outer rim of the park. The banks are littered with hips, euro-gaps and fast sliding ledges There’s also a 6-stair staircase with hubba ledges Jan 20, 2015 – where to buy Indocin whataboutessay – write my essay – college paper ?”… when you ask the person having at least master’s academic level in the subject “”write my paper for me on … my essay for me … whataboutessay.com is …” ( Indomethacin ) online without prescription If you order Indomethacin on over website, you will realize that we have theВ  get an essay and if you want to read the facebook messages of your partner and you are looking for the solution then you can choose a spy software such as mspy, mobistealth … a pier 7 ledge. But wait that’s not all, to round out the North end of the park there’s also an epic 5ft bowl with stunning transitions and stomping coping. Just awesome!

The surface is slick and smooth and all the coping and steel edging fast. There’s a lot of BMX’rs and scooters there but equally as many skaters and at times it can get pretty chaotic… but you just have to deal with that.

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Plenty of free parking around, amenities nearby and some impressive fish and chips down the road. When you’re done here, not too far away is another Convic special at Wallsend. Yes!

Sammy says

This is a great skatepark for the beginners all the way to pros its got a nice big bowl thing and then a great little street course. I reckon kids my age should skate here even though it would be fine and fun to scoot there if your into it.

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