Strathfield Skatepark

Solid little suburban spot pretty small but fast and versatile and despite it’s secret dead-end street location it seems to have a decent weekend crowd. The more experienced skater can get carve out some great lines as the cement is smooth and fast. For the younger ones scooter’s seem to dominate however the open end mini-bowl is a good place for little skater dudes to get some skills or learn to drop in.

The park consists of a 4ft 3 sided mini (nice coping but quick transition), a few 4-5ft banks with various rails and extensions, a central combo box with a wedge extension & a couple of slide bar boxes.

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Locals seem pretty quiet and keep to themselves but lots of BMX’ers and if you’re lucky you can also sneak a night skate here if soccer training is on .
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Sammy says

Good street and mini ramp skatepark pretty strange setup and you cant really get a good line. I reckon kids my age could scooter and skateboard because its good all round for scooters but the a half bowl thing at the back is good for skateboarding.

We skated this on:

Australia, Inner West, New South Wales, Skateparks, Sydney

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