St Ives Skatepark

Fairly old skatepark in the North East suburbs of Sydney. I say old because the cement surface feels like its been here since the stone age. It’s bordering on un-skatable. Add to that a completely uninspired setup which has too much flat to string any tricks together and quarters that are too small and you’ll understand why it’s best to give this one a miss.

It is, however, perfectly suited for scooters and BMX’rs which probably explains why that’s all you’ll see here. Lots of young teens hanging out while parents do their shopping across the road at the monster shopping centre. The actual setup is a very basic street course, starting with a large 7ft roll-in that leads to simple triangle ‘fun’ box. At the other end is very wide 3 sided open bowl that has varying heights ranging from 3-4ft. The coping is small and buried deep in the cement, and the surface (as mentioned) is kind of like smooth gravel.

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The surrounding park is nice enough and has a kiddies playground, larger oval and even a tennis court if that’s your thing. The shopping center across the road has loads of free parking and the usual fast food options.

Sammy says

This is a pretty dodge skatepark and I think you should just skip it. But if your going for a picnic in the park there then I reckon kids my age should scoot here because you just can not skate because of rough cement.

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