Smiths Lake Skatepark

Impressive little skatepark hidden in another Port Stephens holiday village. It features a couple of bowls, one 5ft that is a 3/4 circle and the other a half bowl thats around 6ft and just off vert. The transitions are interesting some lazy and others snap! There’s one other small street section that has a couple of banks and a central funbox with a handrail.

The surface is kind of smooth but also ‘grainy’ which was a little disappointing but certainly didn’t stop us from having a rad session. The coping is decent size but set deep and not very fast.

The overall design of this park is a bit strange, the two bowls meet to make a nice spined section but it’s all pretty tight and the varying sized transitions don’t link that well.

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It’s part of a larger public park area that has a basketball court and sporting oval as well as some sheltered seating. Plenty of parking and some of the cleanest public toilets we’ve seen. Right next door is a cute little Bowling Club fort food and other refreshments. how do you select the best essay writing services provider? female viagra buy online viagra buy in canada buy cheap periactin online what is avodart medication for. viagra professional 100mg price celexa fda approved …

Sammy says

This is a very fun skatepark with a sweet little bowl. I reckon kids my age should skate  here even though it would be fine to scoot it is very good to get some speed and carve the bowl.

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