Singleton Skatepark

Sitting at the edge of a delightful little park in this tough little mining town is a cracker of a skatepark. It’s relatively new so the surface and coping are all nice and crisp. The park is made up of two main sections: A long roll-in fun box run that seems dedicated to the hordes of scooter kids that dominate the park. Then an awesome little 3 foot mini bowled out at one end. The mini has a perfect transition and the smallish coping sits nicely and is perfect for some lip-trick smacking joy. A lot of fun to be had on this one.

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The locals were all pretty cool, mostly young teens and its all about the scooters! but they were friendly and no snaking at all. The park has good facilities with toilets, free car park and a great playground for the little kiddies.
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Sammy says

This isn’t the best skatepark I have ever been to but it isn’t a bad skatepark. I reckon kids my age should scoot and skate here because there is some great bits to skate like the bowl and the ledge but its also fun for scooters.

We skated this on:

Australia, New South Wales, Skateparks, Upper Hunter

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