Riverwood Skatepark

Located right on the M5 is this surprisingly awesome little skatepark that really has something for everyone. The main feature is a good old fashioned kidney bowl that hits about 9ft down the deep end. It’s certainly not for the faint at heart and has a fairly snappy transition – but the old schoolers will just love it, and even for the younger dudes its fun to just carve around.

The rest of the park is a eclectic range of  banks, fun-boxes and rails that are well thought out compared to other similar skateparks. It includes a couple of whacky little vert walls, a nice 3ft corner bowl and a superb 1.5ft mini section that is perfect for younger skaters to hone their lip tricks. The slightly slippery surface isn’t perfect but there’s a lot of fun to be had here. Also worth noting it’s heavily used by scooters and BMX’rs.

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The surrounding park has a range of facilites including a free car park, public toilets and a kiddies playground. It’s also really close to a shopping centre so there’s plenty of food around.

Official site: http://www.canterbury.nsw.gov.au/www/html/1309-skate-park.asp
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Sammy says

This is a pretty fun little skatepark with something scooters and skaters. I reckon kids my age should skate or scoot here it has a really fun little half bowl that’s great for skating and a big bowl that’s also good for skating and then everything you can do on a scooter.

We skated this on:

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