Ring of Fire Skatepark

Well Im sure at some time in history this was an amazing skatepark, but what remains is nothing but remnants of the past. This may even be closed by now as its genuinely a fire/safety hazard. We did manage to at least get in and take some photos tho most of it was un-skatable at the time.

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The second floor featured a hacked together wooden street course with all kinds of banks, rails, funboxes and quarters. It looked like a lot of fun, but the ceiling was low and surface fairly slippery. We did manage a bit of a skate here but the wooden surface was pretty hacked up and needed to be fully redone.

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While we didn’t really get to skate the Ring of Fire, I’m really glad we did get to at least see it, I can imagine this was the spot years ago. Great to be able to capture a piece of history before it’s gone.

Sammy says

This skatepark may look awesome in the pictures but its absolutely crap and it costs 12 bucks. I reckon people of all ages shouldn’t go here. But I’m sure it used to be a great skatepark but now its got big holes in the wood and stuff.

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