Rampfest Skatepark

Rampfest is a relatively large purpose-built, plywood indoor skatepark. It features a wide range of large quarters and mini-ramps (4-7ft), a beautiful 5ft bowl, small spined section, various banks and a massive roll-in that leads to a big quarter and foam pit.

Its a fairly solid park and great in the wet weather, but its certainly not for the faint at heart. Most of the ramps are big, the coping is chunky and the plywood surface takes a little getting used to. The design is OK and you can carve out some decent lines, but the surface is a little slow. Rampfest is heavily dominated by BMX’rs and scooter kids who whiz about with little care, it can get chaotic and skaters need to be very aware of whats going on around you or you can get nailed.

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Sammy says

This is a great skatepark but let me warn you, lots of people go there! I reckon kids my age should skate and scoot here but it matters how good you are at skating. I skated here but it was a challenge as its all pretty big. I still had lots of fun tho.

We skated this on:

Australia, Melbourne, North Melbourne, Skateparks, Victoria

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