Old Wallsend Skatepark

Another pre-fab construction, this one is almost identical to Lambton and once again is very indicative of many other Hunter Valley skateparks built in the 90’s and naughties. This one has a 3.5ft quarter & a 3ft roll-in at either end, and in the between sits a simple funbox and a 3ft spine. The surface is fairly rough (they always used small smooth stones  in the cement!) but it has been well used which makes it a little more usable. The coping is very small and forgiving so great for beginners.

While these kinds of skateparks are far from the best, they have served a great purpose in the smaller suburbs by giving the local dudes somewhere to hang out and learn basic skills. Also having a spine makes this one a bit more interesting.

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There is some free parking nearby and its all part of a larger park area that includes a soccer field, picnic benches & BBQ’s, play equipment and most importantly the mind blowing Wallsend Skatepark.

Sammy says

Pretty boring. There are a lot of skateparks like this and I call them scooter parks. I reckon kids my age should scoot here or if you hate scooting go to the new Wallsend Skatepark cause its epic.

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