Newport Skatepark

A near perfect little skatepark is located in a South Western suburbs of Melbourne and is well worth a visit. It’s a relatively new (constructed in 2005)  all concrete skatepark that was built by Convic brand name[en-us];buy periactin online;;;periactin without a prescription – we always have ?over 1400 medications available. free pre-qualification in minutes. your online essay writer Viagra online pharmacy viagra pills canada cialis soft tabs which goes some way to explaining why it’s so good!

It features a medium sized kidney bowl with a beautifully lazy transition. The shallow end has squarish corners and is about 3ft, while the deep end is 5-6ft. The rest of the park is made up of fun little quarters, minis, ledges and rad little banked hip. There’s even a see-saw! But what makes this park so awesome is that the surface is smooth and fast, the coping is set perfectly and the overall design is well thought out. There is so much to do here from just cruising around the bowl, shredding the mini’s or going rally fast around the street section. Just awesome!

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It’s about a half hour drive from Melbourne CBD and can be found in the parkland right beside a large power station. There’s some amenities and plenty of free parking but you probably need to drive to find food (but there are a few corner stores nearby). ambien vs over the counter imitrex dosage tablets buy periactin online cheap buy generic periactin online buy cheap viagra online with prescription. hyzaar …

Sammy says

This skatepark is amazing. I had so much fun here and the surface is so smooth. I reckon kids my age defiantly skateboard here because its just great for beginners but also for anyone.

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