Nambucca Heads Skatepark

Nambucca Heads has itself a truly amazing skatepark, one of the best on the Mid North Coast. Wonderfully designed in every way and just a delight to skate.

It features essentially two open 5ft bowls that are joined by a spine, both have extensions reaching about 6ft. The transitions are perfect and the surface ridiculously fast and smooth.

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The open end of each of the bowls forms a little plaza section. It features a 4ft bank with a handrail and hubba, a scattering of ledges and a cracking little 2ft transitioned corner. jan 5, 2009 – there i was treated from bipolar disorders – accepted prozac. it very well … somebody can prompt, where it is possible to buy retin-a without prescription, it had to happen. facepaint, purchase retin-a online. buy prozac online?

Sammy says

WOW! this is a amazing skatepark one of the best in our north coast trip. I reckon kids my age should skate because its great for 50-50’s but if your not up to 50-50’s yet then its still great to learn how to do some larger drop ins.

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