Muswellbrook Skatepark

Tucked away at the edge of a classic old country showground is Muswellbrook’s rad little skatepark. Firstly it’s worth noting it’s been built by Convic so it’s typically well designed, well constructed and full of thoughtful runs. It features a little roll-in area with a 4-stair staircase and handrail, a 3 foot mini that’s bowled in at one end and also a larger open bowl with varying transitions and banks. To complete the setup there are a few fun-boxes and roll-ins leading into the main area. It’s a helluva lot of fun no matter what your skill level.

Overall the skatepark is very well used by the locals and it was a free-for-all the day we were there, scooters flying everywhere and no real respect for certain areas of the park – especially on the mini…. BMX’s and scooters just kept flying through with no regard for anyone actually using the ramp for skateboarding. Also there just isn’t enough concreted area around the edge of some parts and there is a bit of a drainage problem around one edge (not really a major issue for skaters though). Also worth noting its 85% scooters, 5% BMX’s.

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Its part of a sports centre so there are other facilities around, additionally there’s a big shopping centre across then road and an service stations and junk food a plenty within walking distance.

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Sammy says

Muswellbrook is a great fun little skatepark. I reckon kids my age should skate here because its got a great mini ramp type thing that’s really good for learning lip tricks.

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