Moorebank Skatepark

A relatively new skatepark located at the North end of Kelso Park. It has a good range of mid sized quarters, banks and fun-boxes. The main feature is a larger open ended bowl which despite having a slightly weird transition (starts slow & snaps at the coping) is a lot of fun for big transfers & carving and grinding around the corners. The street section has a simple end-to-end run with plenty of rails, stairs, banks and boxes. The surface is in good shape (some minor cracks) and the coping is fat.

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It can get a little over taken by the scooter kids on weekends and is also heavily used by BMX’ers but there’s enough room for a decent skate. There’s a small amount of street parking around the back on Kelso Crescent but it’s fairly busy during the week. Food wise there is McDonald’s down the road, some good cheap fruit & veg shops and the usual service stations along Newbridge Road.

Sammy says

This is a pretty nice skatepark with nice transition and its great to get speed on. I reckon kids my age should skate or scoot here i skated and it was great to get speed and do kick turns but there were some scooters there and it looked like a bit of fun.

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Australia, New South Wales, Skateparks, South West, Sydney

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