Metford Skatepark

Metford Skatepark is another suburban pre-fab affair. A bank of 4.5ft quarters at each end (some with coping, some simply roll-ins) and a central funbox with an elevated slide rail. The surface is pretty rough and it’s filled with debri from the surounding trees and the coping is almost cute! As we’ve seen again online pharmacy solutions buy dapoxetine online | free world … and Lamisil at low prices – Let us help you find lamisil and more! buy brand name viagra. lowest prices guaranteed, best medications! no prescription required. 24h online support. fast worldwide shipping. if you need a place to order brand Viagra online from, you may be under the impression this is the only type of viagra thatв cheap pfizer brand Viagra online wholesale very buy super active real by shop best prices. again these kind of skateparks were an easy way for local Hunter Valley councils to get something up quickly and cheaply. They’re all slightly different but are based on the same concept and you can usually have a reasonable session… you’d probably just never go back.[en-us];pattern baldness treatment;;;pill that can cure baldness in five months for alopecia …;””video embedded · pill that can cure baldness in five months: twice-a-day tablet that allows alopecia sufferers?hair to grow back set to become standard treatment for ? online essays writers

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Metford Skatepark seems well used by the local scooter kiddies (the craze that is rampant in the Hunter Valley) and there’s also plenty of older BMX’rs, but they were especially welcoming and loved seeing an actual skateboarder!

There’s  a free carpark and a toilet in the adjoining park, but no food nearby. It’s right near the train station and there’s even a basketball court there if you wanna shoot some hoops!

Sammy says

This is an alright skatepark but probably a lot better for scooters and BMXers. I reckon kids my age should scoot here because is not good for skating.

We skated this on:

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