Maroubra Skatepark

Smack bang on the beach is this diverse, large fenced off area that has more than enough for everyone – in fact it seems to attract a healthy mix of skaters, young scooterers and BMX’ers. The park is loosely broken up into two parts:

The Street Course is large an d open with silky smooth cement that’s very fast – perfect for cruising around and utilising the various banks and/or either of the central pyramid funboxes. The coping on all of the quarters here is perfect.

The Bowl is a two level affair, a shallow end that’s  about 4.5 ft but has a tight transition and is actually a bit tricky until you get a feel for it. The deeper circular bowl gets pretty close to vert as it climbs to about 9ft and is really only for the experienced skaters.

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A decent amount of free parking (unheard of in along most other parts of the Easter Suburbs), public toilets and plenty of cafe’s, food .
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Sammy says

This is a great skatepark by the beach not really for skateboarders but if your good it should be fine. I reckon kids my age should scooter here because its more for hardcore skaters but really good for scootering at any level.

We skated this on:

Australia, Eastern Suburbs, New South Wales, Skateparks, Sydney

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