Maitland Skatepark

This is the newest of Maitland’s two skateparks (the other being buy clomid, menogon and provera without prescription : infertility … buy Lamisil online without prescription! Buy Lamisil via offers you a simple and convenient way to save money and time while obtaining quality brand name Viagra online pharmacy it is recommended to take the medicine 30 min 1 hour before the sexual intercourse. to make the drug work sexual stimulation is needed. in case you experience vomiting, headache, chest pain or other conditions (during the intercourse) that bother you, you should stop and appeal to your doctor immediately. note, nowadays on the net you can find online pharmacies where you can buy viagra brand online, find recommendations how to take the medicine. in any case a patient should purchase it only after he or she has been prescribed to use pfizer brand quick essay writing help Viagra online by the specialist. Old Maitland) and is yet another pre-fab basic construction. It starts at one end with a bank of 5.5ft roll-ins (one is a quarter with coping), central banked section and finishes with a 5ft quarter (one with a corner section). So it looks unsurprisingly similar to a lot of skateparks in the area that were all built around the same time.

The surface is pretty good given it’s age and the roll-ins were fast, the coping decent and the cornered quarter almost interesting… a few things that made skating here worth the trip if your passing thru. Once again this is another Hunter Valley skatepark largely dominated by BMX’rs and the odd kiddie on a scooter.

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keylogger –

There’s ample parking around and it’s inside a nice big park area with some food nearby. Its also just up the hill from the other Old Maitland skatepark so make sure you check that one out also.


Sammy says

A fun little skatepark to just go down he rollin manual then do a lip trick but gets boring very quickly tho. I reckon kids my age should skate or scoot here it doesn’t really matter you probably shouldn’t go here.

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