Maitland Skatepark (old)

Many many years ago I was part of the community that fought very hard to get a skatepark in this town, an awesome skateboarding community joined together to make the council realise just how valuable it could be for the areas skaters. Many years later this is what we got… and while I’m glad this park still stands as a monument to our epic battle, I’d hardly rush there to skate.

It’s a basic 4ft cement mini, with 1ft extension running halfway along one side. The surface of this ancient beast has seen better days and the coping has been so beaten down by the BMX’rs that it feels like gravel. But that’s not to say you still couldn’t have a good session here, it’s like street skating but on a transition!

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Just beside the main ramp are a couple of very strange additions. Firstly there’s a little bike path/snake-run with couple of humps. Then there’s a bizarre ramp-to-nowhere wedged into the side of the hill (most likely for BMX dudes I expect).

Plenty of parking, food and amenities nearby. But if you make it this far you really should had 10 minutes up the road and try Rutherford Skatepark.

Sammy says

Don’t go here because you will be there for 5 minutes and wanna go away from it. Around the corner is Maitland skatepark which is all right. I reckon kids my age shouldn’t go here but if you do you should ride, scooter or BMX.

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