Lake Cunningham Regional Skatepark

Review coming soon, in the meantime here are our photos.

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Sammy says

This is he best skatepark ever. It has so much variety and its so big. There’s a lot of different stuff in this park there’s a small sort of street course, a massive vert bowl, small mini bowl and heaps more. The best thing about this park for me is the mini bowl because is the best for doing 50-50’s and other lip tricks I also thought that the wood movable ramps were pretty sick too. There’s was nothing bad at all with this park but we went there late so we only got an hour there. I think young skaters should skate here because there’s heaps of things to learn and you would never get tired of skating here, there’s also heaps of different sized ramps to learn how to drop in. Over all this skatepark is absolutely sick and you have to go here.

We skated this on:

California, San Jose, Skateparks, United States

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