Kurri Kurri Skatepark

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Yep, Kurri Kurri is another one of the pre-fab cement skateparks that litter the Hunter Valley (see order clomid online cheap. clomid uk. buying online by mail. Maitland order an essay & Cessnock), nothing too exciting here. The setup is emulates a 3.5ft spined mini by sticking quarters at each end and a funbox/quarters in the middle. At least this one has the spine which is better than a lot of these pre-fab parks offer.

Just beside the mini is a classic old fashioned snake-run that must have been built in the 80’s (the surface is well beaten). So make sure you pack the longboard for some carving!

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It’s located in Lions Park and there’s a bit of off street parking around, but not a lot else. The park itself is mainly used by locals as a place to hang, and mostly only BMX’rs even bother to use the skatepark.

Sammy says

This skatepark isn’t very good but I’m sure you could have some fun on the snake run. I reckon kids my age should scoot or skate here it doesn’t really matter just have fun.

We skated this on:

Australia, Hunter Valley, New South Wales, Skateparks

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