Green Point Skatepark

Another one of those pre-fab quarters with a central funbox… this one is a sad remnant of the past and bordering on un-skatable. The surface is almost gravel and the steel base of the central funbox is sitting off the ground so makes it all unpleasant. The best thing to skate here is the small rail or just use the flat area to practice for proscar order online. buy proscar without prescription usa. proscar buy with bitcoin buy with bitcoin generic priligy online where can i buy with bitcoin … The Berrics.

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There is a well maintained basketball court here tho, even has a net! We had more fun shooting hoops! Also some kidies playground equipment and even a tennis court make up the rest of the park. Plenty of free parking but not much else around. online pharmacy meds buy amoxil 250 mg online cheap | cheap …

Sammy says

This is sadly un-skateable the only thing to do is skate the rail or flat or even better play basketball. I reckon kids my age should skate because its good to learn new grinds on the rail.

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Australia, New South Wales, Port Stephens, Skateparks

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