Glebe Miniramp

Classic inner-city mini that oozes fun. 4ft high, 10ft wide, perfect transitions and a smooth metal surface. Bam! The only real issue is that it’s un-skatable if the sun is out and it’s more than 25 degrees – why? Because it burns baby! Also the coping is a bit rough and we recommend bringing some wax along for bonus points, otherwise perfect! This would have been my dream ramp about 20 years ago, and it’s frequented by more ‘mature’ skaters with discerning tastes… seriously awesome.

This spot has been around for many years and in 2005 the current mini replaced a similar ramp that had a ridiculous center hump. The great thing about it is that it’s nearly 100% used by skaters – rarely do you have to contend with scooters or BMX’rs. Because of that there’s always a great vibe here, older dudes encouraging younger skaters – we’ve had some great sessions. The ramp sits kind of in city suburbia right near Jubilee Park Tram Station, not a lot of food directly around but you can walk 5-10 mins to Glebe or Annandale. Free parking, near by toilets and smack bang in the middle of a delightful park. Go now!

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Sammy says

This is a sick mini ramp with amazing transition. I reckon kids my age should definitely skateboard here because its great to practice even if your just pumping there’s usually not many people there just older guys who are really nice.

We skated this on:

Australia, Inner West, New South Wales, Skateparks, Sydney

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