Clifton Hill Plaza

Review coming soon, in the meantime here are our photos.

  • clifton-hill-plaza-2
  • clifton-hill-plaza-3
  • clifton-hill-plaza-4
  • clifton-hill-plaza-5
  • clifton-hill-plaza-6
  • clifton-hill-plaza-7
  • clifton-hill-plaza-8
  • clifton-hill-plaza-9
  • clifton-hill-plaza-10
  • clifton-hill-plaza-11
  • clifton-hill-plaza-12
  • clifton-hill-plaza-13
  • clifton-hill-plaza-14
  • clifton-hill-plaza-15
  • clifton-hill-plaza-16
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Sammy says

This crazy street course is a lot of fun. It has some obstacles that I have never seen before and were very fun. There was some fun things but there was also some things that were for more advanced skaters. I think kids my age should skate here because most street courses are not meant for scooting.

We skated this on:

Australia, Melbourne, North Melbourne, Skateparks, Victoria

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