Cessnock Skatepark

Cessnock is essentially another one of those pre-fab cement skateparks that seemed to land all over the Hunter Valley over the past 20 years. Nothing too exciting here, the usual setup: A couple of banks and/or quarters at one end, a funbox in the middle and a couple more banks and/or quarters at the other end. Not a lot you can do here, in fact given the strange reception we got I’d say they don’t see many skateboarders using this facility. Seems very much a hangout for the BMX’rs (they were happy to see some skaters tho). At least the park had a great view!

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Sammy says

This skatepark is pretty average but can be fun… depends how keen you are. I reckon kids my age should skate here because its good to learn new lip tricks and rolling in.

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Australia, Hunter Valley, New South Wales, Skateparks

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