Bass Hill Skatepark

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It seems heavily dominated by younger scooter dudes but still enough room for skateboarders to find their own runs and have a great session. Haven’t seen many BMX’rs here.

  • bass-hill-0
  • bass-hill-1
  • bass-hill-2
  • bass-hill-3
  • bass-hill-4
  • bass-hill-5
  • bass-hill-6
  • bass-hill-7
  • bass-hill-8
  • bass-hill-9
  • bass-hill-10
  • bass-hill-11
  • bass-hill-12
  • bass-hill-13

Located right on the Hume Highway at Bass Hill the park is in an open field and has a large free carpark behind the main skate area. There’s a public toilet and a few covered benches and tables as well as some scattered trees to keep out of the sun. Not really any food too close by but a couple of minutes in any direction and there’s an abundance of fast food outlets.
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Sammy says

A nice little skatepark lots to do but there is a lot of scooterers. I reckon kids my age should skate here because there is a lot to do on your skateboard.

We skated this on:

Australia, New South Wales, Skateparks, Sydney

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