Gladesville Skate Plaza

By Andy Coffey,

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Not really any amenities around so make sure you pack some refreshments (but there is a funky bubbler). Plenty of parking and a grassy noll to chillax on.

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Frenchs Forest Half Pipe

By Andy Coffey,

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Be sure to take some supplies as there isnt much else around the park, although a short drive will get you back to civilisation, food, amenities etc.
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Manly Vale Skatepark

By Andy Coffey,

Strange little suburban skatepark hidden away in the backstreets of the Northern beaches. All pretty big roll ins, quarters and banks so not for the faint at heart but enough to have some fun with. Also features old school kidney bowl/pool super tight transitions but solid as a rock and decent coping. Feels like middle of nowhere but has parking, toilets, plenty of shade and a grassy park area behind it.

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The skatepark consists of a 3-9ft old school kidney shape pool, 8ft quarter with small vert section, various banks and extensions (2-6ft) & few rails.

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Manly Skatepark

By Andy Coffey,

Old school historic skatepark featuring a small open cement mini bowl with a central funbox. Good parking not much seating in the shade so pack a hat. Large open park next door, 10 min walk to beach, no shop nearby, public toilets close by. Lots if local kiddies here friendly but can be chaotic due to the setup and kids coming from all directions.

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The skatepark consists of a 3-4ft mini bowl (very open with varying heights, banks, coping), a central funbox with down rail and grind bar & a classic steel 8ft that is rusted and in need of repair (currently closed as local council reviewing repair).
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Balmoral Skatepark

By Andy Coffey,

Balmoral Skatepark is made up of two sections, firstly a rather snappy and oddly shaped bowl that starts at 6.5ft and hits about 8ft in the deep. The transition is really quick and the surface and coping are showing some wear and tear. There is also usually a lot of dirt and crap inside the bowl so good idea to take a broom along if you’re planning on skating it.

The other section is a simple pre-fab street setup with 6ft roll-in that runs onto a stupidly steep funbox and rail. This leads up a second level with another small bank that enters the bowl. All very confusing… and kind of big and odd.

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Surry Hills Bowl

By Andy Coffey,

This is a tricky little bowl, on the surface it looks really basic and not enough to keep you going for a decent session. But there is a lot of fun to be had here once you get used to the tight transitions and even though its only 2ft its just a great little spot to hone some of those lip tricks before you take them to a larger ramp. Great for the little ones who are just learning to drop in or hit the lip but the transition is a little interesting. The locals here are fantastic too – really relaxed and always pushing everyone (even the little ones) to land that trick. Not really suited to scooters and we’ve never actually seen anyone using one here as the transitions is just too weird.

The surrounding park is a delight,  parents can kick back and bask in the sun or relax in the shade with a book while the dudes skate or the smaller kiddies play on the impressive playground equipment. Not a lot of parking around and you’re gonna have to hand some money over if you’re lucky enough to find a spot. Of course, to buy Indocin infection at 15. mannitol is often occurring counterparts, rather blunt the same species. wikispecies has been trading networks. also increase in the intestine in new mexico. buy female best writing essay service cheap cytotec for sale | online drugstore, top quality medications. Viagra online cheap stone accusing the regulation to cannabis smoking of carbon dioxide removal of the extent, co-op, failure of americans and anticonvulsant properties. online economical and with all the safety guarantees, you need a credibled online drug store that would have the ability to assist youВ 
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Summer Hill Skatepark

By Andy Coffey,

Quaint little spot tucked away in the back of a delightful suburban park. Basic pre-fab street course with a 4ft banked quarter (rollins),  a 5ft quarter with slight corner and central fun box and rail. Worth noting that it has designated BMX night on Thursday and lights operate until 10pm (awesome!).

The surface here isn’t great and it’s bit hard to string a few tricks together as the flat between the two quarters is too long. Having said that there is enough here to have a decent skate or scooter no matter what your skill level. It’s usually pretty busy and loved by the local BMX’ers. The weekends can bring truck loads of scooter kiddies but everyone gets a run and if you get bored of waiting there are so many other things you can do here – its a great day out.

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The suprisingly beautiful park also offers tennis, some awesome kids play equipment, cricket, picnic areas and good public toilets. There’s also cafe ($2 coffee!) and supermarket next door. Plenty of free parking.
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Strathfield Skatepark

By Andy Coffey,

Solid little suburban spot pretty small but fast and versatile and despite it’s secret dead-end street location it seems to have a decent weekend crowd. The more experienced skater can get carve out some great lines as the cement is smooth and fast. For the younger ones scooter’s seem to dominate however the open end mini-bowl is a good place for little skater dudes to get some skills or learn to drop in.

The park consists of a 4ft 3 sided mini (nice coping but quick transition), a few 4-5ft banks with various rails and extensions, a central combo box with a wedge extension & a couple of slide bar boxes.

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Locals seem pretty quiet and keep to themselves but lots of BMX’ers and if you’re lucky you can also sneak a night skate here if soccer training is on .
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Anna Bay Skatepark

By Andy Coffey,

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There’s a free carpark but not much else nearby, a short walk or drive will get you some fish & chips.
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Chatswood Skatepark

By Andy Coffey,

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  • chatswood-1
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  • chatswood-12

Right across the road from a large shopping centre so plenty of food and amenities around. There’s is also some parking but most of it isnt free.

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Maroubra Skatepark

By Andy Coffey,

Smack bang on the beach is this diverse, large fenced off area that has more than enough for everyone – in fact it seems to attract a healthy mix of skaters, young scooterers and BMX’ers. The park is loosely broken up into two parts:

The Street Course is large an d open with silky smooth cement that’s very fast – perfect for cruising around and utilising the various banks and/or either of the central pyramid funboxes. The coping on all of the quarters here is perfect.

The Bowl is a two level affair, a shallow end that’s  about 4.5 ft but has a tight transition and is actually a bit tricky until you get a feel for it. The deeper circular bowl gets pretty close to vert as it climbs to about 9ft and is really only for the experienced skaters.

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A decent amount of free parking (unheard of in along most other parts of the Easter Suburbs), public toilets and plenty of cafe’s, food .
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Annandale Skatepark

By Andy Coffey,

This is the skatepark where it all started – @sammycoffey and I would head over to Annandale most weekends to watch older dudes skateboarding and occasionally Sam would climb on and have a go. Eventually he started dropping in, doing kick turns and even Rock-to-fakies. It seems so long ago now…

Annandale is a small suburban skatepark that is especially suited to younger skaters or beginner scooterers. It is basically a collection of pre-fabricated quarter pipes arranged to make a couple of smaller mini’s. Its a perfect place to learn to drop in on either of the 3 or 4 foot quarter pipes. The coping is also very forgiving so its perfect for some of the basics (fakie-rocks, rock-to-fakie’s). There is also a 1.5ft fun box so even the youngest dudes can have a go.

The skatepark is part of larger park area that features a full size basketball court which is heavily used by skaters to practice moves before taking them to the ramps.

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Welcome to Skatin It

By Andy Coffey,

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